Bespoke furniture

unique metal furniture

At Philip Watts Design, we have been creating high quality and cool metal furniture for over a decade. All of our bespoke furniture is expertly handmade in our dedicated Nottingham workshop, making it a striking example of contemporary British design. Whether crafted for commercial or domestic use, our unique metal furniture is guaranteed to make an impression. 

The quirky yet sophisticated Caterpillar Bench is one of our signature creations. Hand cast in polished aluminium, copper and bronze it functions as a stunning centrepiece to any room, whether it’s your sitting room or your waiting room. Though typically sold as a three seater, our Caterpillar Bench is modular, and can therefore be constructed to any length, depending on your requirements.

We’re also particularly proud of our bespoke hand cast aluminium chair, which is nickel plated with a highly polished finish to give it an appearance that some have compared to liquid mercury. It’s rare to find a chair that so effectively doubles as a talking point, but that’s exactly what you get with our unique metal furniture.

Finally, we have two styles of high quality barstools. The Frame Bar Stool has something of a timeless look about it, and is available with a solid oak, a birch faced ply, or a white laminate frame. But if you’re looking for something a little more striking, we also have the Mercury Bar Stool. Made from hand cast polished aluminium, it doesn’t look like it’s been forged so much as organically grown. Whether placed in a hot night spot or by your breakfast bar, you’ll struggle to find a more stylish bar stool.

Lead times may vary depending on the item and your specifications. All unique metal furniture is available in a wide variety of finish options. As with our handles, they can be cast in Copper, brass, and bronze.  For more information, call us today on 0115 926 9756

If ordering from outside the UK, please contact for an accurate shipping quote.