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stylish urinals

Philip Watts Design craft unique interior solutions for commercial or private settings to help give your home or business a wonderfully unique touch that expresses your stylish, individual or quirky side. Alongside our other products, our stylish urinals have provided beautiful and unconventional touches to some of the UK’s most stunning homes and businesses.

about our stylish urinals

Designed, crafted and hand finished by our team of talented experts, our stylish urinals add an unusual and trendy touch to your business or home. Designed to complement the Glink, our Gloo urinals are moulded in medium density polyethylene and available in 8 colours, although you are free to contact us to discuss any other potential colours. At Philip Watts Design we understand the importance of being original.

We offer multiple materials and finishes for our Pale Ale collection: from oak, walnut and stainless steel plinths, with bright polish or satin bushed finishes. You can rest assured that your urinal will be unique. Sister product to the Spoon sink, the Spoon urinal is created in cast solid resin for strength and has been awarded Best Leisure Product and nominated for Best Product by FX Awards.

why choose philip watts design

We know how to help you make a statement with, seemingly, the most anodyne interior elements, such as door handles, coat hooks and urinals

The experts in our workshop in Nottingham have grown a strong reputation providing quality, unique design solutions for businesses like Yo! Sushi, George’s Fish and Chip Kitchen and Speedo, as well as over 150 bespoke installations worldwide.

If you require any additional information about our stylish urinals, or any of our other stunning creations, please call us today on 0115 926 9756, or feel free to discuss your requirements via our online contact form.