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unique sinks

For over 20 years, Philip Watts Design has been crafting unusual interior solutions for domestic and commercial interiors. Our unique sinks are expertly hand crafted to the highest possible standard in our Nottingham workshop. 

about our unique sinks

Crafted and finished by hand, our unique sinks offer a stylish and unusual twist to any interior. Our Glink models, moulded in medium density polyethylene, available in 8 solid colours and with an optional stand are a popular choice. If you are looking for truly unique sinks, some of our other models may be more suited to your tastes, such as the Comet, with its perfectly smooth simple bowl, but entirely individual textured underside.

We pride ourselves in offering truly unique solutions to your interior environment, which is why some of our products are available in multiple colours or materials, such as our Spoon or Scoop sinks, available in white or bronze with either a satin or highly polished finish.

why choose philip watts design

What others may overlook as functional details, such as sinks, door handles and coat hooks, we see as the perfect opportunity to make a resounding statement that leaves a lasting impression. We strive to create unique, unusual and expertly hand crafted products that will give a distinctive sense of style to any interior.

Our work has been recognised throughout the country in some of the UK’s biggest retail environments: Nottingham Trent University, Yo! Sushi, and Greggs Moment, among many others.

 If you would any more information about any of our unique sinks, or any of our stunning creations, call us today on 0115 926 9756. You can also discuss your requirements via our online contact form.